Grab your Toga, it’s a Link Party!

We have a huge repository or photography and workflow related links … and we realized it’s high time we started sharing them! The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Quit Professional Photography The Definitive Guide To Corporate Event Photography Introduction to the Tools of Long Exposure Photography Location Photography: How to Comprehensively Capture a City, […]

Plug-ins Galore – Extending Lightroom

Photography can be an expensive endeavor, regardless of it you are a professional or an enthusiast. One thousand dollars can buy you Lightroom and Photoshop, with about enough money left over to buy a lunch or two. Then if you decide to add on some great plug-ins to these pieces of software, you can blow […]

Lightroom Redux

I thought it would be a good time to post our favorite Lightroom tips, tricks, and just plain killer techniques for making your life … and … your workflow faster. Let’s get right to the goods! +HE’S A FAKER! – DEPTH OF FIELD THAT IS … A very slick Lightroom-to-Photoshop trick that is easy, and […]

Total Workflow – Your one-stop source

I find that what photographers really need aside from specific direction (ie. How do i do XYZ in Lightroom?) is a sense of the big picture, a sense of why we make one decision over another, and how it all fits together. There is a core foundation to any workflow and our favorite resource for […]