Keeping it Raw in Photoshop – Part 2 of 3

Alright, so Part 1 of this series is fully digested, right? Well it is time to build on that procedure and really flex this workflows muscle. If you recall, I asked you to think about what presets you really like in Lightroom and to convert then to Adobe Camera Raw profiles using the past tutorial. […]

Keeping it Raw in Photoshop – Part 1 of 3

Previously I introduced X-Equals readers to Smart Objects in Photoshop as a method by which you can maintain the capabilities and quality of RAW, but still utilize many of the stellar features of Photoshop. In this series I am going to outline my RAW workflow within Photoshop, leveraging Smart Objects and Adobe Camera Raw to maintain […]

Lightroom Redux

I thought it would be a good time to post our favorite Lightroom tips, tricks, and just plain killer techniques for making your life … and … your workflow faster. Let’s get right to the goods! +HE’S A FAKER! – DEPTH OF FIELD THAT IS … A very slick Lightroom-to-Photoshop trick that is easy, and […]

Lightroom Preset – Summer Rain

In this post, we’ll be creating what we like to call a contextual preset – a preset that is used in a particular context to enhance your image based on lighting, weather, time of day, season, etc. This particular type of preset is no different technically than any other preset in Lightroom, with the exception […]

Lightning Quick Galleries

Wedding photographers shoot a lot of photos … not just a few hundred – I’m talking thousands of photos per shoot. This has always presented some unique challenges for our studio as we process images and create galleries for clients to proof our work. One technique that we have found to work exceedingly well for […]

Virtual Copies … making the commitment

In continuing with my theme of sharing in last weeks post, I want to delve into the topic of virtual copies and how my team and I have been leveraging them in our collaborative workflow. We’ll look at how we use virtual copies to not only preview various changes, but commit those changes to a […]